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Teacher and Coach

Fayetteville NC

Living a great life with my wife and kids, including one who rocks the extra chromosome. HS Special Education teacher, girls basketball and girls/boy tennis coach.

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  1. #catsofpost. Two brothers enjoying their new forever home
  2. Harold and Joe enjoying their first Christmas at their new forever home.
  3. This is Harold. We adopted Harold and his brother Joe for 🎁. They are named after the Cure song "Harold and Joe"
  4. #ncpost
  5. Enjoying a peaceful Sunday listening to Jimmy Buffett
  6. Harold and Joe, go go go #randomcurelyrics
  7. Nothing like game day for a high school coach. Full of excitement and pregame butterflies
  8. Christmas list: The Cure releases their new album and release the dates of their full North American tour. As above, but this time Depeche Mode with added NA your dates.
  9. Working on my final project for SPED 647. One year left on my Masters of Special Education.
  10. First post on Post! Happy to be here

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