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  1. Dust off your Twitter escape plan

    The latest #Platformer article from Casey Newton emailed overnight Feb 9-10 describes a #Twitter organisation that looks like the proverbial imminent car crash you can see in your field of view that's unavoidable and about to happen. Writes Casey: An even more obvious reason for th
  2. Evolving Twitter

    4,000-character tweets change the nature of #Twitter , moving it into #Tumblr -like (even #Post -like) territory. A lot simpler to use, though. #microblogging -> #macroblogging
  3. Parody with NFTs is a sweet response

    Indie musician Ariel Pink used an artist's image on an album cover in 2006 without her consent. The album was re-released in 2013, still with the image. When the artist Jill Miller became aware of its use without her permission, she reckoned why sue when, as an artist, she could r
  4. "Get off the Internet"
  5. 'For you' maybe whether you like it or not

    Re this 'For you' default #Twitter has set up in timelines, mine just now has promoted tweets aka ads every +/- 4 non-promoted tweets if I travel via the scroll bar in the web app. Yuk. I get no ads wh
  6. Heading towards #remaindered territory. Already at the half-price milestone #SparebyPrinceHarry
  7. The rise of the AI assistant

    What would you build with a million #AI โ€œinternsโ€ in the cloud, available on demand, 24/7, and at close to zero marginal cost? In 2023, we can expect thousands of entrepreneurs to show us. A very good
  8. Levelling up the eyewear for 2023

    I've been wearing glasses for about 25 years, starting with for reading. As I got older, my eyesight did too, eventually requiring glasses full time. I'm a big fan of varifocal lenses (known as progres
  9. Taxing times for Trump

    Says the BBC: Responding to Friday's release of thousands of pages of tax returns, Mr Trump's camp warned that the disclosure will lead to the US political divide becoming "far worse". "The Democrats sh
  10. Symbolisms

    This scene really caught my attention on a visit to the Tate Britain gallery in London yesterday. It's a huge portrait of "The Whig Junto," painted in 1710 by artist John James Baker. The Tate describes
  11. It's 2003 again!

    This article caught my attention because it's by Robin Sloan, who I recall immediately as the creator of #EPIC and its update #EPIC2015 back in 2005. He took us on a journey over a 10-year period to pr
  12. Christmas best wishes

    Sending joy to the world this #Christmas. May your happiness be large and your bills be small! Merry Christmas everyone ๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ…๐Ÿผ The image I've included was made with #Midjourney, the AI-generated image
  13. A very useful post
  14. Twitter pollution picks up again

    New York Times reports on #Twitter 's reinstatement of previously-banned people who post #misinformation. Example: โ€œI finally got this account back after being banned for being a #Republican thanks @elo
  15. AI-generated works ineligible for copyright protection in US

    Using an #AI tool to create images? Be careful in the US: copyrighted works must be created by humans to gain official #copyright protection, says the US Copyright Office.
  16. Deciding where to go...

    There are plenty of articles about moving from #Twitter to somewhere else. In this podcast episode, @shelholtz and I share some of our experiences on #Mastodon (and #Post),
  17. Is ChatGPT too good for its own good?

    The conversational fluency of #ChatGPT masks its inability to distinguish between fact and fiction - one of the concerns in this good assessment from #Axios
  18. What is Twitter verification worth to you?

    The new #TwitterBlue #verification redefines the meaning for individuals, moving from proof of #identity to just paying a monthly fee. How will businesses take to the changes? Among all the other turmo
  19. Twitter won't allow promotion of other platforms any longer

    #Twitter is not going to allow any user to promote other social networks on Twitter. Anyone doing that will have their accounts removed from Twitter. I get their reasoning in this climate of turmoil. S
  20. Add this to the long list of potential #Twitter alternatives / cc @sethabramson

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