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Reader, writer, runner. #CopMom #WhenWeAllVote 


My sons are my greatest achievement.  Training for a marathon is really hard.  Writing can be rewarding on a good day.   Music is essential. 

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  1. Absolutely
  2. Welcome to the Find Out stage of the program.
  3. “You’ve heard of ‘mob lawyers.’ Well, the Trump era has brought us the ‘coup lawyer,’ which calls for a new kind of disciplinary response.”
  4. They have no shame. This is what happens when a small group of zealots embark on a a quest for a theocratic government. Freedom be damned.
  5. Holy smokes…
  6. Speedy trial = Speedy conviction 🍿
  7. Don’t know who needs to hear this, but Donald J. Trump has been arrested more times than he’s been elected.
  8. And his accomplices? #ETTD
  9. it's the guns. it's the fucking guns, and I wrote a thing: "nine more people are dead." what's it going to take to end this insanity? I hate that I had to write this, but I hope you read it. thanks—
  10. Time to review the 2nd Amendment scoreboard.
  11. Our country has become a slaughterhouse. I lived in Baghdad at the height of the war. I don't want my kids to live in it here. We need real leaders to do their jobs and praying ain't it.
  12. There are no blue dollars in red states. Oh, wait...
  13. Half is a good start.
  14. RIP gop

    They haven’t learned a thing and they won’t. They're finished. They are now the party of trump, racism, antisemitism, and qanon with an unhealthy dose of fear and self loathing to drive them. It would
  15. Hey @cspan: Please don't spread @kevinomccarthy's lies. Trump has not condemned Fuentes once, much less four times
  16. In the past day, Musk tweeted out a reference to "88" and used the "puppet master" trope against a high-profile Jewish person. When they tell you what they are, believe them.
  17. Hey y’all… Mr. Vindman #HereRightMatters is on this dohicky! 😉
  18. Hello from the post. 🙂

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