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Wonder Woman... wondering how we got to this point.

Lover of life. Mom of identical twins and Grandma x 3. Proud Canadian πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ Wondering WTH is going on in this world!?

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  1. Could this be the one big step towards eradicating / curing cancer? πŸ€žπŸ™
  2. This Hope Hicks complaint file is all you need to know about Republicans, whether office-holders or operatives: all that matters about anything, is how it affects them personally -- their careers, the
  3. So much of this newly released material is jaw-dropping (like everything else that was revealed earlier), but I wonder if these public releases are hurting the case(s) for the Special Counsel. I want
  4. Barbara Walter's interviewed Trump the way EVERY journalist should have interviewed him. She called out his BS each time he tried to serve it up. I'm Canadian, on the west coast, and I have always know
  5. Help this Canadian understand how someone like this is eligible to serve in your Congress. He was elected under false pretenses. He is not who the voters thought he was.
  6. I'm adding my positive vibes - Jamie Raskin is one of the best of America (in my humble Canadian opinion).
  7. My husband and I were just discussing this very point - then I came to Post and Ella's comment was the first thing on my feed. How in hell do the Repubs get away with this shit time after time??
  8. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas (I finally have one of my daughters and a granddaughter living nearby - combine that with a long-time friend who is our local Santa... πŸ’žπŸŽ…πŸŒ²)
  9. A timeline drawn from the Jan. 6th Committee report makes clear that he wasn’t just dithering as the Capitol was attackedβ€”he was rooting for the mob.
  10. KYIV (Reuters) -A Russian strike on Ukraine's recently recaptured city of Kherson killed at least 10 people, wounded 58 and left bloodied corpses on the road, authorities said, in what Kyiv condemned
  11. Christmas isn't always magical

    2022 can fuck off. Just received a call from my daughter - her F-I-L passed away a few minutes ago. He was a robust guy, but had a stroke just before the summer. Mini TIAs ongoing since. Turned 70 at t
  12. Highly Recommended!

    I've been listening to Rachel Maddow's podcast series Ultra... OMG! History really does repeat itself, and I cannot figure out why lessons were not learned from the past! So many parallels to what has
  13. Sunset beyond the vineyard - Nov 28, 2022
  14. Waiting in hopeful anticipation for tomorrow's J6 Committee report and criminal referrals. In the meantime, meet my grand- dog Finn. πŸ’›
  15. Good morning!!
  16. I need some help with Post!

    I set up my profile, added my profile photo etc... I can see it all when I go to my Profile, but whenever I comment on someone else's posts or Like a post - I show up as if I don't have a profile pic!
  17. Some helpful tips here!
  18. Memories of Christmases past. If you have a photo of yourself as a child at Christmas, I'd love to see it! I believe in the magic of Christmas. Here I am with my eldest sister. 1964 (I'm in green)
  19. It's a Wonderful Life

    (My all-time favourite Christmas movie). I've seen a few Christmas photos on here, so will add mine - tree is up and decorated. Every ornament is special to me, and I will admit that each year when I u
  20. Newbie!!!

    I made it! Whew... just trying to find my way around Post now, and looking for those I followed on Twitter. I'm also finding many other new & interesting people here. Looking forward to more positivit

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