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Programmer and marketing manager at Alamo Drafthouse Charlottesville. Actor. Writer. Filmmaker. Author. Former radio host, journalist and film critic.

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  1. I was just rewatching CLOSER and abruptly realized I have seen three of the four stars on stage. Julia Roberts, THREE DAYS OF RAIN (Broadway) Jude Law, INDISCRETIONS (Broadway) Clive Owen, A DAY IN THE D
  2. Latest Prince Harry revelations: He and Meghan would really like to be the new Kardashians and make oodles of money.
  3. What the world needs now is a good Psychotic Babysitter Movie, with a pre-blonde Marilyn Monroe.
  4. But I’ve never been to me…
  5. The voting drama in the House today reminded me I needed to book our annual screening of GROUNDHOG DAY. You think I’m kidding, but I swear I’m not.
  6. When you make a doctor’s appointment because your jaw is swollen but then by the time the appointment comes around you’re feeling perfectly fine. But at least it was all worth it for the sumptuous hol
  7. In 2023 I want all my crab bisque to be served in pig cups.
  8. I had no idea THE THIN MAN was such a Christmas movie. A boozy Christmas movie, but definitely a Christmas movie. Also the only Pre-Code entry in the series, so it has lots of sassy 1930s-style innuen
  9. 2023 Lemon Pig in da house!
  10. Little Tommy (Bobby Driscoll), a kid in a New York apartment house, has a reputation for telling tall tales and it’s embarrassing for his parents. When he goes out to sleep on the fire escape one humi
  11. The (terrible) jokes write themselves.
  12. Personally, I usually say “amen,” but you do you, guys…
  13. Guys, I saw both WHITNEY HOUSTON: I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY and BABYLON. and -- hear me out on this one -- I'm starting to think that if you're trying to make it in the entertainment industry, becom
  14. Christmas miracles do happen: first date since 2019! (Also: cringe.)
  15. Netflix assures me I am a “98% match” for this. I don’t even have a gamekeeper. Explain.
  16. Grocery shopping. Drab all-Christmas playlist was suddenly perked up by Annie Lennox’s cover of Joni Mitchell’s “Ladies of the Canyon,” which Wegmans’ music service apparently thinks is a holiday hit.
  17. I love how so much ‘70s “futuristic” science-fiction boils down to, “Yeah, the whole world will look like a production number on THE SONNY & CHER COMEDY HOUR…” #zardoz
  18. You think, “THE HOLIDAY isn’t that old — it’s from 2006, right?” Then you notice there’s a pivotal scene in a Blockbuster Video store. And everyone has a flip-phone. Which they seem to use only for ca
  19. The always delightful Erik Rhodes as a would-be tenor named Spaghetti Nadzio. No, they don’t make ‘em like MUSIC FOR MADAME (1937) anymore…
  20. AVATAR: THE WAY OF WATER was not my favorite James Cameron film, but the 3D was some of the very best and most vivid I have ever seen. Not grungy, no ghosting — absolutely perfect. The underwater sequ

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