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James Heger


Quasimodo, RN

An embittered nurse trying to figure out why no one cares about embittered nurses.

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  1. @karaswisher I kept trying to add George Hahn today on Twitter and this message continuously prevented me. A friend of mine said she tried to add you and got the same message. Thought that was interesting. Anyone else having that problem?
  2. Chuck Todd absolutely schooled Jim Jordan this morning on Meet the Press. Here's an extended clip.
  3. Is this going to be an app? And if so, when?
  4. Dark matter…?
  5. @feedback will there eventually be an app? Also, I’ve read like 6 articles and my points are still at 50. I appreciate the free articles but if this is supposed to help jou
  6. Fox News & Dominion

    @karaswisher how do they get the text messages of these anchors/“journalists”? Can’t they delete or wipe their messages to make them appear a certain way? How does the transfe
  7. Truly an amazing journey to hear about and a wonderful feeling of hope after listening. 🥲
  8. Any word on when the app will be available?
  9. Excited about this platform! And here’s my tree.

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