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I write historical mysteries and environmental fiction, and post about books and culture.

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  1. Bad News For Polar Bears: Climate Change is Reducing their Access to Food. Many face starvation.
  2. Category 6 Hurricanes? Some scientists believe it's time for an new level on the Saffir-Simpson scale. Since 2013 five powerful storms would have qualified.
  3. Tentative Agreement Would End Hollywood Writer's Strike
  4. So far, Phillipe in the Atlantic, looks like a fish. A good thing.
  5. Tropical Storm Ophelia landfall and move north: North Carolina
  6. How sea level rise made Idalia’s storm surge worse
  7. Hurricane Hilary will probably weaken to a tropical storm when it hits land, but still worth a close watch:
  8. Judge rules in favor of young activists in Montana climate trial
  9. The Pacific has been a hotbed of storms this year. All three current storms could strengthen to hurricane force winds. #Hurricanes
  10. There are two full moons this month. This was the first one: 'MoonGlow'
  11. Morocco breaks heat record: 120F #climate
  12. Police challenged over Kansas newspaper raid in which computers, phones seized- and it gets worse..
  13. Full moon and clouds- July 3, North Carolina
  14. The Relationship Between Dust from the Sahara and Hurricanes That Form Off Senegal #hurricanes #climate
  15. The Atlantic storm conveyor out of Africa is underway. Tandem storms, and it appears more are coming. #hurricanes
  16. Summer's coming next week. Here's a northern Missouri windmill in the afternoon sun
  17. George Santos to appear in Federal court on criminal charges. This will be interesting...
  18. Not a news organization, a confirmation bias organization....
  19. It's Earth Day. Let's keep working to clean up our home.
  20. Where it all began #AI

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