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Video Producer, independent filmmaker, and former Fry Cook on Venus. I offer no advice on anything, just opinions, which are my own.

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  1. "These faux tough guys decided that literally anyone in America can be smeared as a groomer: teachers, drag performers, children’s hospital employees, anyone . And that’s fair game. But the moment Trump suggests DeSantis might have done something untoward, they flop on the ground
  2. Kinda of a “fun” fact. At the moment there are no members of the United States House of Representatives. Every member, even the ones re-elected, are “Representative-Elect because they can’t be sworn i
  3. Two scenarios that I find more likely than Kevin McCarthy becoming Speaker: McCarthy steps aside and quits Congress 5 Detractors decide to nuke the whole thing and vote present in protest making Jeffr
  4. Do these McCarthy detractors want to embarrass him or obliterate him? More challenging for McCarthy, would any of the detractors pay any price from the voters for obliterating him? Fighting a Speaker
  5. “Ms. Stefanik’s reinvention has made her a case study in the collapse of the old Republican establishment and its willing absorption into the new, Trump-dominated one.”
  6. This is so weird because I was told “nobody asked for this movie” and “Avatar has no cultural footprint.” Yet, people are seeing it. A lot of people are seeing it.
  7. “Double jeopardy is the legal principle that a person cannot be charged twice for the same crime. It does not apply to impeachment proceedings, because those are not criminal prosecutions. Trump shoul
  8. I took what I seriously hope to be my last Southwest Airlines flight back in April. Every single bit of the experience was an exhausting chore.
  9. Opened the Twitter app this morning. Sees that everybody is talking about Ben Shapiro’s opinion of Glass Onion. Closed the Twitter app and was all the better for it.
  10. Zelensky says to Congress and American taxpayers: “Your money is not charity. It is an investment in the global security and democracy that we handle in the most responsible way.”
  11. Three things to talk about: 1) Biden and the January 6 Committee have both behaved wisely and honorably. 2) Conservative reaction to the criminal referrals is weirdly muted. 3) There are not good outcome
  12. The disaster caused by sending titles to streaming was incredibly obvious to anybody that can read a spreadsheet or do basic math. Streaming is supplemental business.
  13. The news that Chris Farley passed away spread fast through the halls of my high school when it broke 25 years ago.
  14. I forgot that the original Avatar didn't break $100M when it opened in 2009. We will see what happens over the next few weeks but with a strong "A" CinemaScore and nothing but "Puss in Boots" heading
  15. There’s a real substitute teacher has lost control of the class situation happening over at Twitter. Fun! I’m happy to be over here with you all.
  16. For what it's worth I don't think Elon has made Twitter significantly worse. He has made it all about him now and that is certainly a downgrade. Still, I think it's largely the same. It's always been
  17. Cameron's reputation as a technical wizard is well earned. What is underrated is his ability to effectively play on his audience's emotion. All of his films from Terminator to Aliens to True Lies to A
  18. Hmmm…seems like a bad deal.
  19. "One of the lessons of 2016 was that intensity of support matters. Wide support is important, but narrower support can overcome it if it’s deep enough. Not always. Not in every contest. But enough tha

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