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🔵 SC Native, moving to Asheville NC summer 23 🏍 My motorcycle is my youngest child 🧘‍♀️ Yogi for health and fitness, not so much for woo 🎶 ⭕️ Bass player (guitar too), lover of the funk, phish, the dead, etc. 🐕🐈 Dog and cat mom 🚫 Political noise ✅ Critical thinking and growth

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  1. Airbnb jumped the shark.

    #airbnb removes honest reviews about hosts getting away with renting out their dumps and gouging guests with bogus fees. Lipstick on a pig, not another penny will leave my pocket for them.
  2. I believe E. Jean Carroll.
  3. Florida Really is Sick and Dying

    Florida is a dystopian cesspool (with apologies to my blue friends down there). We drove from Charleston SC to Tampa / St. Pete. The roads are trash, with areas where construction was started maybe 30 years ago then just left as it was for decades. The homes around our airbnb (an
  4. To the genius who thought to call Moms for Liberty ‘Klanned Karenhood,’ thank you for your service to our democracy.
  5. So, what kinda porn do we think clarence enjoys?
  6. I hate Tim Scott. I hate Lindsey Graham.

    It is the god damned guns, you fucking MORONS. Your magic sky daddy you reference in your next tweet is a fairy tale. No one is coming from the sky to help. Therefore it is you idiots’ (yours and cryboy’s) to do your fucking job.
  7. cry me a river, little bitch. This state would be immediately better off without youZ
  8. Look at all that violence! Violence everywhere! The likes of which no one has ever seen!
  9. Scared?

    Cohen says orange turd is petrified. Petrified enough to have a heart attack? “I could drop dead in the middle of 5th avenue and no one would care.” Yep!
  10. #caturday with Chinacat 🌻
  11. Nashville: 129

    Did that guy just say we live in the south so we believe in the power of prayer? No,“we” don’t. If your praying helped, should we be seeing some evidence by now, or are dead babies part of your all-Loving god’s plan that I just couldn’t possibly understand? Groom your kids with
  12. Whilst respecting law-abiding theists, I loathe proselytisation of much of Religion, because of its harmful misconceptions/lies. 🔸 Inherited Sin 🔸 Male superiority 🔸 Moral high ground 🔸 Heaven/Hell etc.”
  13. Seems appropriate. Ty Tallahassee for returning back to the CRASSICS.
  14. There is no "smut" being held in our libraries or even in our kids' classrooms. Christian purity culture believes that anything outside of the narrow vision of their weak cowardly control is dangerous. That's all this is. That's all it ever was. And it's pathetic.
  15. Every time I see a “negative people” meme, I’m reposting this. What is the definition of a “negative person”? Sick of the meme.
  16. Ancient Jewish Rule?

    Y’all, I heard on Glennon Doyle’s podcast there is an ancient Judaic rule that says you are not required to forgive those who have slandered you, and as an atheist I have to say this bent my attention your way, dear jewish pals. 👀
  17. Happy Sunday, heathens 😈
  18. CU Next Tuesday

    Just wondering if when they arrest him they will jam a knee into his morbidly obese neck because that’s protocol for the thin blue line, correct?

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