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  1. The Power of Mentorship and the Implementation of The Model of Human Occupation: The Legacy of Gary Keilhofner.

    Gary Keilhofner, a pioneering figure in occupational therapy, not only contributed to this field with his innovative Model of Human Occupation (MOHO), but also left a substantial legacy from being a guiding mentor to numerous therapists, such as Dr. Laura Mraz. Keilhofner, (1949-
  2. Maximizing Property Value: Top Benefits of Multi-Family ADU Investments

    The concept of a multi family accessory dwelling unit (ADU) has gained substantial traction in recent years, presenting property owners with an innovative way to maximize their real estate investment. These compact, efficient living spaces, constructed on the same lot as a primar
  3. Choosing the Right Linear Actuator for Your Application: A Comprehensive Guide

    When selecting the optimal linear actuator motors for your specific application, the choices can be overwhelming. While many actuator options exist, understanding their real-world performance comparisons is crucial. In this guide, we will explore the key considerations and factor
  4. Understanding the Role of Mediation in San Mateo Divorce Cases

    Divorce is a challenging phase in anyone's life, especially when it involves legal complexities. In San Mateo, navigating through a divorce can be overwhelming, but understanding the role of mediation can significantly ease the process. Mediation, guided by a San Mateo divorce la

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