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Herb Neu


Truth matters and so do laws

North Alabama

Career included broadcasting, journalism, publishing and politics since the '60s. I feel that society's first priority needs to be the most vulnerable, and then prosper from there.

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  1. By Jarrett Renshaw (Reuters) - U.S. President Joe Biden on Monday plans to lay out how a $42 billion investment in expanding internet access will be divvied up among the nation's 50 states, in an effort to give all Americans access to high-speed broadband by 2030. The move will kic
  2. By Chris Morris Another government is calling Twitter on the carpet. Australia’s e-safety commissioner has demanded the Elon Musk–owned social media site provide information about what it is doing to curb online hate. The company has been served with a “please explain” notice and g
  3. "About half a dozen Secret Service agents have testified before the grand jury that will decide whether to indict former President Donald Trump for his alleged role in the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the Capitol and efforts to interfere in the peaceful transfer of the presidency..."

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