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Dislike trump

Dislike liars, conmen, ignoramuses.

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  1. 1776-1933 - major bank crisis every 10 years 1930s - FDR bank rules enacted 1930s-1980s - no major crisis 1980s - rules rolled back 1980s-2010 - major crisis every 10 years 2010 - Dodd-Frank rules enacted 2010-2018 - no major crisis 2018 - rules rolled back 2023 - crisis?
  2. Just like that.
  3. Over and over again we see that the courts are the last line of defense for voting rights and free and fair elections. The future of democracy is on the docket.
  4. Post needs to stop bouncing me around😑I start reading a post, and when I tap to reply ,or to try to zoom in, because the words are so small, it’s bounces me from that post, and throws me back into the feed,and I lose that post 😔That ruins my scrolling to read posts. My wrist hu
  5. 👏 👏 👏 Eric Swalwell his no fuks left to give!
  6. This is even more damning that I could have imagined. #unlocked
  7. Here's the truth about the #GOP : Last year Gov. Sununu of NH "was 'pretty close' to running for Senate. Then he talked to Republican senators about what the job entails."
  8. Murdock told the Court, UNDER OATH, that he lied about the election being stolen for ratings so his advertisers would pay more!! If only we could make Fox viewers and MAGA Republicans realize this!! Rea
  9. Some things never change, even after 170 years. From 1854: "Continuation of russian army operations in Wallachia" #ukraine #russia #history #news #walterreport
  10. The Clown Show has just begun.
  11. Dear Republicans, You’re trying to stop schools from teaching about racism and the impacts of slavery while doing everything in your power to keep black voters from the ballot box, so spare us those ML
  12. #ukraine #putin #trump #russia #democracy #polotics
  13. Go search Marj Greene's office!
  14. found you again. twitter is going downhill like a tesla in flames.
  15. Dmytro “Orest” Kozatskyy fought valiantly in Mariupol and Azovstal. Then he fought for survival in russian captivity. Russians subject Ukrainian POWs to malnutrition and torture on constant basis and of

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