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Common sense is not that common.

Canadian. Nervous spectator of American politics. Twitter refugee. Outrage fatigued. Atheist.

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  1. #MichaeldeAdder
  2. #MichaeldeAdder
  3. Once again, if you don't support Ukraine, we don't support you. No more Toblerone or Oreos in this house...or Ritz(?) #ukraine #SlavaUkraini
  4. GOOD. Every country should be doing the same, in support of Ukraine.
  5. #MichaeldeAdder
  6. So sick of hearing, "The laws aren't being applied equally to both sides". When one side is committing multiple indictable offences, different laws apply. The willful ignorance is maddening.
  7. So from now, until forever, we will be subjected to endless GOP horseshit, "What about Hillary?" and "What about Biden?" and "It's not fair. They're trying to harm TFG politically". Disgusting, infuriating and vomit inducing.
  8. Yep...!!!
  9. Asshole. Kari Lake is telling her followers they should be sure to "show up to a knife fight with a gun"...?!? SERIOUSLY?! What could possibly go wrong.
  10. #Politics
  11. My first passion flower blossom of the season. I LOVE it. And it smells amazing.
  12. This jackass doesn't belong on a Canadian team. This is some religious zealot NONSENSE . "....teamed up with a Satanist to push pro-Satan clothing and pins to children. The enemy isn’t even hiding anymore,” No. The enemy certainly isn't hiding.
  13. Smile for your timeline..
  14. #MichaeldeAdder
  15. #MichaeldeAdder

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