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  1. I have a bsky code for a leftist that is pro trans and swer rights. If you would like it please respond and we can figure out how to get it to you. If you are not those things please don't bother.
  2. From Roget Parloff
  3. Obviously prison did not teach him anything. He would totally go to an insurrection again. Fun fact, if he is able to overturn his guilty plea, the judge has warned him he will go to trial and could get an even longer sentence. He got credit for an early guilty plea and no judge
  4. Just found out my disability claim was denied. I don't know why yet because I have to wait for a letter in the mail. The cost from the pandemic is really incalculable in situations like this. If I'm falling through the cracks like this there must be a lot of other people who are
  5. Another lenient sentence for one of the worst J6 crimes. I believe in leniency and rehabilitation and second chances, but I think that should be applied to everyone, not just actual traitors to the country.
  6. Worth a watch
  7. Shroyer has been arrested several times before this for disrupting congressional hearings and demonstrating in the Capitol. He never seems to really suffer consequences and he probably won't in this case either.
  8. Looking back 6 years I think the corruption of trump's government from day 1 is very clear.
  9. It really makes all their other outrageous behavior unforgivable.
  10. This is a no paywall link. Yet another case of the right doing the thing they are accusing the left of doing.
  11. Lev Parnas has been consistent in his recounting of the things he was involved in.
  12. We need to stop electing religious people of all religions that can't separate their beliefs from governance.
  13. The article says that his experience was an unintended side effect of the study drug, but I wonder of there should be more studies.
  14. LOL
  15. Important piece on the current information war.

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