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Glenn Sanders


Former video store clerk. Forever creative.

Los Angeles

πŸš€ Screenwriter πŸš€ Director πŸš€ Creative Director πŸš€ Currently in development on 2 feature films. I also create marketing campaigns for tentpole movies and series. I write and direct content you've probably forwarded to your friends. Things I like: screenwriting and filmmaking, Hollywood history, space and science fiction, ancient discoveries, news and politics, creativity and craft.

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  1. I'm back... checking out how Post has evolved in the past few months. the antisemitism on other platforms is overwhelming. how's it going over here?
  2. solved a major piece of our #screenplay in a 5-minute call... after days of discussion & 5 months on strike & 5 months of work & 10 years of the script sitting dormant & 18 months writing 3 producer drafts & 6 months writing the spec 5 minutes! that's all it took!
  3. #OPPENHEIMER is many things, among them a deeply cinematic experience but also a prompt to learn more. here I go down the rabbit hole with photos from the Trinity test on 7/16/1945.
  4. fascinating / eye-popping deep dive into the visual design of the new game Aliens: Dark Descent which looks badass
  5. Tony Bennett

    when you learn that a shining star as luminous as Tony Bennett has left us, you dig into their music and find new treasures you never knew existed. this album just swings, baby...
  6. who wants to see Uranus? I do!
  7. my buddy who designs major movie title sequences is now making t-shirts go get yours
  8. I finally saw 2001: A Space Odyssey on the big screen and in 70mm no less. Wow. A truly stunning film made even more so with an audience, immersive sound and a huge screen. Nothing like it. You can’t help but imagine what it was like to experience back in the day. Audible gasps f
  9. new trailer for Ridley Scott’s Napoleon. looks epic but gotta wonder what Kubrick would have done and whether Ridley pulled any reference from his research.
  10. tomorrow night I’m finally seeing 2001 on a big screen in 70mm!
  11. basically every communications network in the world today owes its existence to Arthur C. Clarke, who in 1945 proposed in Wireless World magazine the idea of Geosync Orbit for satellites... he may have been the very first. Here's the actual article.
  12. just got a text that my local donut store misses me … and I miss them too
  13. playing with @adobe’s #AI image generator Firefly… with that plus generative fill and content aware fill, I’m seeing some great results.
  14. just watched EX MACHINA for the second time… super engaging talky sci-fi movie. I always love seeing smart people doing interesting things. Every performance is so good and the direction and writing are so finely tuned.
  15. MAD MAX: FURY ROAD One of the all-time great trailers.
  16. holy smokes the original Exorcist trailer is TERRIFYING
  17. NO SPOILERS: #Succession stuck the landing. A staggering achievement all around, with mega respect to creator Jesse Armstrong.

    With all these movies about products (Air, Tetris, BlackBerry) it's time for NEW COKE: When a security guard falls into a vat of New Coke, he gets an unexpected superpower - he can shoot New Coke from his eyes like a cane toad. The antagonist is Pepsi Clear, a guy who fell into a v

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