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Writer, editor, bon vivant. 🏳️‍🌈

Longtime New Yorker raptured to the Midwest. Writer-editor with bylines at CNET, NBC News, Architectural Digest, Newsweek and more. Recovering crossword puzzle addict.

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  1. President Biden announced this week that the public health emergency for COVID will end on May 11, nearly three years after it was first declared.
  2. Even peanuts don't cost peanuts anymore.
  3. According to today's Consumer Price Index report, the price of #eggs has soared 60% over this time last year.
  4. RIP Tatjana Patitz #Freedom90 #yeahyeah
  5. The public health emergency for COVID-19 is technically scheduled to expire tomorrow. If it's not extended again by the White House, federal funding for free vaccines, testing and Paxlovid will stop.
  6. Time to get high! My latest for Architectural Digest.

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