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  1. Herb was really one of a kind, a very original thinker who came to believe that evolutionary game theory, suitably applied, could unify the social sciences. He also had a sweet character; ten minutes
  2. Some thoughts on William MacAskill's "What We Owe the Future"

    I recently finished reading Will MacAskill's What We Owe The Future. Describing the goal of the book MacAskill writes, This book is about longtermism : the idea that positively influencing the longter
  3. I thought this was a good measured assessment of effective altruism’s responsibility for Sam Bankman-Fried’s actions.
  4. I am sure many people have said this and that it is on the way, but it would be good if Post had an app
  5. #EconPost was the unanimous winner over #EconTwitter as the hashtag for economists to use in my low-turnout-but-free-and-fair referendum . I humbly suggest also adopting #EconResearch for the subset o
  6. I'm eagerly watching whether academic twitter communities will migrate here. Here are my observations for #econtwitter /economics, and I'm curious what folks in other fields are seeing/foresee. I'd lov
  7. Total meltdown on Twitter today
  8. Happy to see you here Arin!
  9. Eventually — hopefully soon — someone will create a tool that searches accounts on here so you can find your former Twitter follows from the Twitter link in their Post profile. The flip version of sea
  10. This is very toxic. It is not ok when Republicans do it and it is not ok when Democrats do it.
  11. Meanwhile on Twitter
  12. I am here. This is my first post.

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