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Lover of music, art, warmth and nice people who likes to keep informed.

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  1. #DogsOfPost #Dogs #pekingese Miss Misha
  2. My favorite 🌺
  3. Extreme MAGA House Republicans are already achieving part of their goal — preventing the U.S. government from functioning.
  4. Nuff said.
  5. I am so happy to see fellow lawyers Teri Kanefield and Mimi Rocah writing about the January 6 blockbuster below tonight. When I found this shocking text (below) a couple days ago, I thought it should b
  6. Good reminder
  7. This is great 👍
  8. Oh the possibilities, I think it's gonna be nice here.
  9. My Christmas #dogs 🎄
  10. Hello, Glad to be here. Feels right.

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