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Writer. Wife. Mother, Grandmother. Wrote for Cher and Sonny and Cher, then nine novels, notably Beaches. Broadway - The People in the Picture, coming soon Beaches the musical. Book co written with Thom Thomas, music by the legendary Mike Stoller, lyrics by me. All will be revealed soon. Married to my knight in shining armor for forty remarkable years.

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  1. Beaches the musical

    I am delighted to share the news that Theatre Calgary will be producing the International Premiere of Beaches the musical in May of 2024. Stafford Arima is the artistic director of TC and the friend who said to me at least twenty years ago, "Why don't you turn Beaches into a musi
  2. First Post

    Hi All, This is my first post on Post. I'm delighted to be here. I hope I find as many fascinating folks here as I did on that other place. I made some lovely, smart and talented friends there. I hope

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