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on the side of light, love and creation.

teacher in the midwest. sewist. writer at one time. giver of care. trying to be more generous. hunker-downer.

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  1. By Adam Kinzinger Oh how I miss those days, when two generally sane parties would gather and argue about policy differences. Smart debates with one side arguing for government as an essential part of our lives, and the other arguing for a smaller role. Two generally good faith arg
  2. Rules of the Senate need to be brought up to date for this age. Yes we need consistency, yes we need slow thoughtfulness, and we need to look at the big picture. The rules should not be used as a bludgeon to smash democracy and our republic.
  3. Only prayers for the gun problem , but many many laws and bans for the abortion issue. Why don't they just pray that away?
  4. glad to be here. thanks POST.
  5. Democracy was always going to face big tests. Now is the time to stand strong for our republic. Fight against authoritarianism. Fight fascism. The great American experiment needs us.

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