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Very new to Post. I left Twitter after 14 years and 11k followers. I'm a life long , a Resister, every election at every level, Anti-Trump/GOP/Fascism/Racism/Hate. I stand with Ukraine, + Ally, Equal Rights For All, , Love Animals

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  1. While it’s sad, that a former president would try to overturn an election, we witnessed Trump do just that. We need justice to be served now!
  2. Bookmark option?

    Hello everyone! I am wondering if there is a bookmark option on Post yet. There are many news stories or posts that I would like to save to read later. Thanks! @feedback
  3. @radicalrhymes Hi Rad! Just wanted to say Hi and hope you are doing well. Love looking at your portrait of my cat, Whiskers. Everyone, @radicalrhymes does amazing work! He painted this portrait of my cat who passed away. I sent
  4. This is interesting.
  7. Thank you for supporting #GunControl
  8. I left Twitter a long time ago! I won’t support Musk!
  9. #covidisnotover
  10. Thomas should have resigned a long time ago!
  12. Now taxpayers have to pay for Disney’s utilities, fire, utilities, etc How happy would you be as a taxpayer?
  13. They are so adorable!
  14. New version of Post

    Regarding the new version of post, I like that we get a notification of new followers. That’s important. I am finding though, that when I want to reply to someone who quote posted, the reply goes to the original post, not the person who quote post it. Am I doing something wrong,
  15. I just upgraded to the new version of Post. What does everyone think?
  16. DeSatan is using this as an excuse. He doesn’t want to talk to NBC or MSNBC, only right wing media.
  17. The fact that Pence is fighting the January 6 subpoena, shows that he has something big to hide!
  18. I haven’t been on Facebook since 2012. Do you think people will pay for a subscription service to be verified? Do they pay on Twitter? I never would.
  19. I follow and follow back except MAGA, & GOP. Everyone have a great Friday! #FridayFollowBack

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