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Science fiction. 2Tone🎵. Web things. Lefty.

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  1. #cats Emma would like fireworks to be cancelled. That is all.
  2. #CaseyDeSantis is NOT the Walmart Melania. Melania is the Walmart Melania. Casey DeSantis is the Dollar General Melania.
  3. Soon ... #cats
  4. If you react to the news about Damar Hamlin by talking about vaccines, Fuck You.
  5. Happy NY everyone!
  6. I have New Year's Day all planned.
  7. How I was GROOMED by my Liberal Education: I was taught that diversity was to be celebrated. I was taught that we needed to respect our Earth, and do our part to keep it clean. I was taught to consider
  8. It's not clutter if it's books. #books #reading
  9. Hello, Post! Here's my first. This is a picture of Emma, who is weird, antisocial and sometimes sees the humor of things.

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