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  1. Labeling AI content in influencer marketing gains steam, faces hurdles

    Ad agency Ogilvy launched an initiative to disclose the use of AI influencers. Creator-economy insiders discuss whether regulation is needed. #PremiumInsider #AI #Influencers
  2. Silicon Valley investors say an 'extinction event' is coming for startups

    After a COVID-era boom, the data shows a dire situation for startups raising money in Silicon Valley. The worst may be yet to come. #InsiderPremium #SiliconValley #BusinessNews
  3. Affirmative action SCOTUS: Students of color fight for diversity

    "I used to lighten my skin before because I didn't feel safe and felt like I needed to assimilate. Coming to a diverse place like Harvard really shaped my identity and how I felt in my own skin," one student told Insider. #SCOTUS #affirmativeaction
  4. Canada wildfire smoke in NYC, Chicago, Philadelphia, DC: photos

    As June comes to a close, fires continue to rage in Canada and air quality in the Midwest is worsening. #climatechange #photography #wildfires
  5. Titanic sub: Stockton Rush flew experimental plane to visit would-be passengers

    Jay Bloom and his 20-year-old son Sean said OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush dismissed their safety concerns about the Titan submersible. #StocktonRush #TitanSub
  6. Paranoia grips the Kremlin over who colluded with Prigozhin

    Russian mercenary chief Yevgeny Prigozhin's brief and ultimately aborted coup attempt was a significant affront to Vladimir Putin's 23-year reign. #WorldNews #Russia #Putin
  7. AI voice generators are fueling a terrifying new phone scam

    Imposter scams come in many forms but typically work the same way: A scammer pretends to be someone you trust to persuade you to send them money. Now scammers are using AI-generated voices of people's actual children to swindle them out of their cash. #Discourse #AI #scams
  8. Automakers are finally building more lower-end cars

    In addition to the $80,000 pickup or SUV chock-full of the top tech afforded by the highest trim levels, automakers are finally selling cheaper cars. #AutoNews
  9. AI doctors are going to make healthcare better and more caring

    A chatbot could have a role in the provision of care. Our for-profit healthcare system doesn't hire enough doctors and nurses, and it expects the ones it does hire to treat more and more patients, assembly-line style. #Discourse #AI #Chatgpt #MedicalNews
  10. Millions of student-loan borrowers' fate set to be decided this week

    The Supreme Court is entering the last week of its term, and student-loan borrowers are waiting to hear whether Biden's broad relief will be upheld. #USNews #SCOTUS #StudentLoans
  11. The multibillion-dollar lawsuits that could radically reshape how we buy and sell homes forever

    If the lawsuits succeed, home buyers and sellers could pay less for real-estate agents. But the industry's biggest players are gearing up for a fight. #Discourse #RealEstate
  12. The cult of Emily Oster

    Emily Oster is one of the most controversial health experts in the US — and she's only getting bigger. Her novel approach to data has turned her into a celebrity. #HealthNews
  13. In MMOs like Old School RuneScape scammers use ChatGPT to fuel bots

    Massively multiplayer online games are a breeding ground for bots. And AI is making them impossible to distinguish from human players. #AI #videogames #technews #discourse
  14. Midwest American cities are facing a downtown crisis, urban doom loop

    Forget San Francisco and New York: Midwestern cities like St. Louis, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, and Cleveland are in danger of sliding into oblivion. #RealEstate #Discourse #workfromhome
  15. My final, unexpected conversation with Cormac McCarthy

    It'd been years since Cormac McCarthy and David Kushner had spoken. Then, not long before he died, the acclaimed and elusive author called Kushner out of the blue. During the call with the Pulitzer winner, Kushner heard something in his voice he hadn't heard before — age.
  16. Jesse Watters' rise at Fox, from Bill O'Reilly's ambush man to Tucker Carlson wannabe

    Jesse Watters was once Bill O'Reilly's attack dog. Is he the man to win back Fox viewers after the network's acrimonious split with Tucker Carlson? #FoxNews #JesseWaters #MediaNews
  17. Finland is the world's happiest country, but Finns say we're confusing happiness for something else

    In Finland, people trust their neighbors and leave work on time. But ask why they're ranked "happiest country in the world" and you get a surprising answer. #Finland #Happiness #science #lifestyle
  18. There aren't actually THAT many people using ChatGPT

    Generative AI's early adopters are shedding light on how Big Tech will monetize the tools. But that could be years away, according to Morgan Stanley. #AI #TechNews #ChatGPT
  19. Generation GPT: How AI technology will screw over young people

    AI bots like ChatGPT are going to befriend us. But because they can't replicate human relationships, they'll also leave us lonelier than ever. #Discourse #AI #Technews #Tech #Chatbots
  20. A less productive workforce is an early indicator that a recession is coming — and US numbers don't look promising. #BusinessNews #USNews #productivity

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