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Writing on movies, medicine, and murder in Jazz Age Calcutta. @CUNY forever.


Inkstained wretch Short: NYT, NY Daily News, Village Voice, NatGeo, PRI, etc. Long: Viking Press, Penguin, The History Press, Juggernaut Books

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  1. Amid shortages of steel and other commodities, Jawaharlal Nehru's government encourages the use of local builidng materials. Bombay Chronicle, 1949
  2. "A stunning look inside the Rikers Island prison complex."
  3. Re-reading
  4. Either way, he's unavailable for comment.
  5. December 1942: Britain contemplates a Japanese invasion of India.
  6. Bombay Chronicle, 25 December, 1935
  7. Really looking forward to ' Rikers: An Oral History ' coming in January. Pre-Order
  8. Indian Medical Gazette, 1914
  9. Blowing deadline.
  10. It's getting weirder out there.
  11. Amrita Bazar Patrika, June 1935
  12. Cairo
  13. Linotype, Calcutta, 1954
  14. Getting there.
  15. Marelene Dietrich at the Pathe Cinema, Bombay, 1933
  16. Gaganendranath Tagore
  17. Withdrawal can be nasty.

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