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  1. This is the billionaire behind Post. Not any better then musk … just another RW authoritarian numbnutz.
  2. Odd how the GOP keeps insisting there was no Russian interference in the 2016 election, even in the face of criminal convictions & sentences.
  3. Alex Jones Is Holding Guns For Infowars Employees Charged In Capitol Attack
  4. Feb 16 (Reuters) - “Fox News on Thursday told a judge that Dominion Voting Systems has no evidence to support its “staggering” $1.6 billion damages claim in a defamation lawsuit over the network's coverage of election-rigging conspiracy theories.” That network is so full of it!
  5. No Clear Rationale': WSJ Editorial Board Skewers Nikki Haley's Presidential Run #POLITICS #EXPLORE
  6. WATCH VIDEO Mike Pence Calls To End Social Security And Medicare In Fox News Interview #EXPLORE #POLITICS
  7. Rep. Eric Swalwell hits it outta the park with his response to #GOP sadism, perfidy & RACISM in stripping Rep. Ilhan Omar's of her committees--adding insult to injury by purposely doing it during #BlackHistoryMonth . A dog whistle to the non-firing-neuron'd Americans who make up
  8. 😂
  9. Live Updates Magnitude 7.8 earthquake 2,701 killed in Turkey and 1,050 killed in Syria with numbers rising At least 11,119 people have been injured in Turkey and 2,453 have been injured in Syria following the earthquake. 54 aftershocks so far measuring 4.3 or greater and 3 measuring
  10. Persian Warrior Gloves, possibly from Safavid Dynasty around 1500s.
  11. So it's possible the least populated state in the union isn't going to have new car sales after 2035.
  12. Polling is yet another casualty of the Misinformation Age. Ignore them. Vote and donate according to your conscience and encourage everyone you know to do the same. In the current media environment th
  13. By David Shepardson WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. auto safety regulators said Tuesday in a landmark report that motor vehicle crashes, which are rising fast, cost American society $340 billion in 2019. In
  14. JUST IN : Dan Goldman and I are filing a formal complaint with the House Ethics Committee against George Santos for violating the Ethics in Government Act. George Santos must be held accountable for def
  15. Lansing — The Michigan Legislature is set to open its 2023 session Wednesday as Democrats, ready to assume full control for the first time in nearly 40 years, weigh how quickly to repeal the state's r
  16. "The suit was filed within hours of DeWine's signature on behalf of groups that represent teachers, retirees, veterans and people experiencing homelessness."
  17. #BlackPost #BlackHero
  18. I love crows. They are smart, loyal, and very family oriented. The "teenagers" help raise the next year's brood. They mourn the loss of one of their own. Befriending crows for all the right reasons re

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