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Born Philly..lives in South Jersey

Loves Philly sports ..Blues..Rock and Smooth Jazz...

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  1. Mr I plead the 5th like 100 times ...he should be in jail
  2. Fully expected crickets
  3. Totally in big energies pocket
  4. Hope they camp out in the Villages they seem to have voter fraud issues
  5. They have no business telling anyone how to vote... Would quit and sue...
  6. Nobody Ives there anyway
  7. Yep
  8. Total jerks
  9. Lee and Rand voted no typical
  10. Rand and Lee voted no... typical...
  11. Good luck same for had a cough for a week then all better
  12. Was a big fan of the original can't wait
  13. Just joined.. Will check it out
  14. Go to the edit button and get one from your gallery

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