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  1. Pensioner found shot dead in Castlebar had been acquitted of historic sex crime in days before his death

    A pensioner who was found shot dead in his home had appeared in court in the days before his death in relation to an historic sex crime. He was acquitted in that case, however he was facing further, separate charges. The elderly man was single and had lived all his life with his br
  2. #gaa
  3. The Irish nanny and the child kidnapping case that gripped 1890s New York

    Elaine Farrell and Leanne McCormick of the Bad Bridget podcast looked into the lives of thousands of criminal women for their new book to give them back their place in Ireland’s immigration story It wa
  4. What does €25bn plan tell us about the future of transport in Dublin?

    Luas and Dart expansions and a new link to the airport are at the heart of a €25bn strategy that aims to get Dubliners embracing greener modes of travel, but many in the city remain sceptical. Read mor

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