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#democracy is a verb

We are hundreds of Acton Area neighbors supporting progressive policies through civic and electoral action at the national, state and local levels. We believe that is a verb. Join us to take action!

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  1. #DoBetter #CNN
  2. Zero Carbon For All

    💪A #ZeroCarbonRenovationFund would jumpstart building decarbonization in MA, help lower energy bills, bolster climate resilience, and improve health outcomes by lowering indoor air pollution. 👉 Read
  3. Stand up for #democracy #DefeatMAGA
  4. As Maya Angelous says " When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time ."
  5. 📣 #MeetTheMoment 💪 #defenddemocracy with our friends @concordindivis1 @ IndivisbleLab @ ReclaimDem @maindivisible #jan6 #democracy
  6. 🔥Your efforts, big & small, made the difference in 2022 and so our flame of #democracy endures. 👉 Let's take a page from @davidpepper 's book & work to expand democratic valu
  7. This is a really important story by Amy Yurkanin. The physical, emotional, and financial costs of gun violence in this country are in incalculable.
  8. We need #healthcare4all
  9. POD for the People!

    📣 Excited for Tami Gouveia's upcoming podcast and newsletter! 💪 GO! 🎙POD for the People! about democracy, connection & healing divisions. Also on Google & Spotify. ✍️ Dr.'s Orders. Subscribe to her
  10. #dosomething

    "The way we stop authoritarianism, bigotry, insurrection, and subversion of democracy, is to do something when you personally see it -- that is, in the small moments, the seeds where the bigger outra
  11. #EveryVoteCounts

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