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Southern Oregon coast for the moment

An aging gypsy trying to make some sense of this era on 🌏

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  1. I have looked at every weather map and radar and I see no rain, no hail, but it keeps raining and hailing. I'm not a meteorologist, but...
  2. Happy New Year 2023 From my home to yours ✌️
  3. I'm baking cookies in an airfryer. One online recipe says 350° for 7-9 minutes. Another says 300° for 7-9 minutes. Any experts out there?
  4. Enjoying Winter Solstice ✌️
  5. For some unexplained reason, the Rolling Stones' song, Wild Horses always makes me cry.
  6. Finally got around to making gifts...
  7. This 👇
  8. I know what's missing here. There's no DM equivalent. Or I haven't figured out how to access it.
  9. Oh shit! I just liked my post! Twice! I'm learning, but how embarrassing 😬
  10. Now it's official. Dude has also joined.
  11. I'm here!

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