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Leor Galil


music and culture journalist

Senior staff writer for the Chicago Reader, freelance elsewhere. No premieres, no masters.

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  1. Here's my last #ChicagoReader feature of the year: the best overlooked #Chicago records of 2022 #music
  2. I wrote about Bonelang for #ChicagoReader #music
  3. I wrote about Outronaut for #ChicagoReader
  4. "I’m a 74-year-old gray-haired grandmother, and I’m going to have a good time. I’m not asking you to take my calendar. You’re asking me for it." #Chicago
  5. testing

    Hello, I'm new here. If you like to read about music, Chicago, and music in Chicago, we'll get along swimmingly! Here's some of my recent work!

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