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My politics started in the 70s. My mom had been a little girl in Hitler's Germany, so I was raised with a background of stories of the war, and her life during it. The dark reality of that history drives me in many ways. I'd often watch the news with both of my parents, and I distinctly remember enjoying the old pre-Tucker (pre-Novak, even) Crossfire, and decades of the McLaughlin Group. My Dad voted for Reagan for his first term, and then never voted for a Republican again. My mom was a Democrat during all of my time. Bill Clinton was my first Presidential vote. I remember seeing some handwritten pages when I was young. It turned out that they contained thoughts about guns that my dad had written up in response to discussion of the topic at work. This has had an impact on me in terms the value that I place on written out thoughts and ideas; and their challenge and evolution. College eventually came along, and though I'm not a great mathematician, I managed to push through to get a BS in Physics, which put everything into a different perspective. In the 2000's, I was turned on to Livejournal. I put an incredible amount of time in debate and research for debate, and this "hobby" continued into the next decades. I had an idea that even if I had no hope to change the mind of my particular opponent, if I put out valid statements, then uninvested lurkers could be influenced.

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  2. At work today there was a presentation by a fellow involved in "Digital Inclusion." He describes a program that connects computer refurbishing with the goals of Digital Inclusion, as defined in grants from AmeriCore. So, one, shout out to Bill Clinton and AmeriCore! It's not just
  3. So Scott has a plan to require annual votes to keep security going. If they vote down social security, what's the plan for all of our money that we put in to social into the program over our entire lives?
  4. 'NOAA’s review comes after President Joe Biden signed the Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act into law in December.'
  5. Watching classic Batman on amazon.

    So, Mr Freeze gets 5 imposter Batmans, and 5 imposter Mr Freezes to converge on the crime scene, where, along with a few of his regular Goons, Mr Freeze meets Batman and Robin for a huge battle with the Imposters. It's so silly! It got me imagining such a scene in D&D. The bad guy
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  9. Priceless!!
  10. He's the same, then as now.
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  12. Bob-Kitty

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