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62 y/o Mexican atheist. Love good humor, good stories, critical thinking and happy news.

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  1. I got me the most powerful Never Surrender Total Eclipse Sunglasses! It's gonna be tremendous, and we will have to do it real good. The best eclipse.
  2. Not that I would spend a single Penny on it, but I am curious if anyone has checked the 2024 sixty-buck bible for accuracy to other sanctioned sacred texts.
  3. By posting bond until the very last minute, #DonPoorleone / #DiaperDon is only playing ye olde delay game. If only some Judge or Court staff would find a single error, orthographic or whatever in the filing, they could just dismiss it, at the very last second. Lest anyone hold his
  4. Bloodbath

    If I ever learned how to draw, I would make a cartoon of a huge truck, full of ultra-right flags, symbols and decals everywhere, really big wheels, some rifles peeking over the windows and an angry driver running over people who were having a family Sunday on the park and shoutin
  5. Why would TFG want cut taxes for the rich? I mean, it's not that he qualifies himself, or anything...
  6. Using your party funds to cover the legal fees of an individual is nothing short of socialism.
  7. Whatshername

    If I ever learned how to draw, I would make a cartoon of the leading Republican to be candidate for President speaking on a podium to a group of reporters, in which the conversation goes like: Politician: "Mercedes will be with me on the campaign quite a bit." Reporter: “Don’t you
  8. Million dollar idea: pregnant ladies be on hire as a fetus-sitter. Pretty sure it must be deductible! I'm on a roll!
  9. Did the fat and aging looser of elections and trials condemn Putin with his Navalny wannabe claim? Asking for the snowflake press...
  10. Is it now impossible for fertility labs to get rid, dispose of, or dare to loose any of their stock, or face prosecution for murder? Do all this "children" count for the census? So many questions!
  11. Loan sharks beware

    If I ever learned how to draw, I would make a cartoon of the looser of Elections and Trials standing next to the desk of his Accountant and watching him furiously beating the calculator keys while a never-ending strip of paper keeps coming out of it, and muttering: “Judge Engoron’
  12. Sadly, when it comes to cooking, changing the order of the operands DOES change the result. 😬
  13. So the Chiefs "represented the Great State of Kansas". Buy hey, Biden's memory.
  14. Old beats Decrepit. No contest.
  15. I hold this secret fantasy, that the only reason we don't hear news from Judge Engoron is because his calculator ran out of zeroes. Then, his aides put everything on a computer, but still had to order a wider screen. Yes, I am that bad.
  16. There will be signs

    If I ever learned how to draw, I would make a cartoon of a sunny road in Palm Beach, Florida, with some convertibles and other luxury cars in traffic and an overhead sign reading: “ E. Jean Carroll Blvd.” and “prev. S. Ocean” underneath. To one side, perhaps a familiar building in
  17. Side income

    If I ever learned how to draw, I would make a cartoon of Bryan Cranston’s TV character, Walter White of Breaking Bad fame, in underpants at the front desk of the White House pharmacy, putting forward a big batch of papers: “I am Dr. White, of the White’s House. Please fill out th
  18. Debanking

    If I ever learned how to draw, I would make a cartoon of the (as of yet, anyway) Speaker of the House Johnson speaking to reporters, his pockets overflowing with money and some coins falling (from the sleeve) around him, that “debanking” is for real, that he has been through it a
  19. I'd be relieved that DeSatanis' experiment has failed, but I am afraid he's still in position to continue doing stupid and damaging things. I'll be sending good vibes to Disney, so justice will catch him!
  20. “ Even if you vote and then pass away, it’s worth it. ” ~ Corporal Don "chickenshit" Bonespurs. But not to die or become disabled in combat, or surviving torture as a POW. That is for losers.

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