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Interests: Cats, Nature, Animals, Bay Area, Current Events, Interesting People, Politics, History. I tend to Follow rather than cultivate a Following.

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  1. Please, take a look at this beautiful soul. If you've seen her or know anything about her whereabouts, please, notified her family or police immediately. Her life can depend on it.
  2. My heart hurts.
  3. American Kestrel/Falco sparverius
  4. Is Google run by (gasp!) -- Commies?!
  5. Monday's Public Notice is about how Kevin McCarthy's appeasing of MAGA nihilists won't end well, and I just found the perfect photo (Getty)
  6. Burn What You Love But Cannot Keep

    Last moments of the 'dharma burn', those things too precious to throw in the trash but which cannot be added to the lifetime keepsakes. A fine tradition which lets things go in a respectful, intentio
  7. It’s worth asking yourself why billionaire tech bros are so furious at the mainstream media.
  8. Bobcat/Lynx rufus - Sonoma Coast
  9. He's an expert 😄
  10. It's never too late to do the right thing. Consider this the next time you feel there's no way to change a troubling situation. At the very least, you can change your mind about it.
  11. I don't trust you, Indeed

    Someone here may know the answer to this: Does Indeed, the 'job posting' site, harvest the rich information of contacts etc. from resumes dopes like me upload when applying to a job posting?
  12. Best Hot Tip of the day:
  13. I'm going to be honest. I don't understand that "tip" ($) thing. Like, am I supposed to pay people for their posts???
  14. nice, homey, holiday photo
  15. Ochre Sea Stars/Pisaster ochraceus - Sonoma Coast
  16. Life goal and brutal reality…
  17. This "pilling the cat with two pills, twice a day" thing is NOT working out...This last episode left me with two bleeding hands, crying, pretty sure he got the first pill and pretty sure he didn't ge
  18. #PostPlaces #Sunset #GrandCanyon #NationalParks #hiking #backcountry #serenity #solitude #TimeSpentBelowTheRim #photography

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