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  1. A new intro?

    I just made a post where I attempted to insert a bunch of hashtags and none of them worked. SO, if you are involved with or like any of these things, let's be friends! I want to do talk science and ma
  2. This place makes me depressed. Damn near every post on the Explore feed is extremely upsetting. I can't make even the most rudimentary connection with anyone. The most engagement I've had was people
  3. A sciency end to the year

    Hello, world. Another semester has come and gone and I'm pleased with what I accomplished. I wrapped up with some successful #cloning. It was only my second time, so that was satisfying. Still having
  4. Leave bad Twitter habits at Twitter, please

    Complaint of the moment: I see the trend of posting gifs instead of words in comments has made its way here. It's one thing I loathe about twitter. Especially when it's the same stupid gifs over and
  5. Hello, Post World

    Like most of you, I came from Twitter. In my little science corner, things were pretty much as usual but the mass upheaval of the journalists I like to read was a problem, so here I am. I'm worried

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