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  1. 🕶️ My 12 #predictions for #2023 Let's get in end-of-the-year mode with my batch of predictions for 2023. I tried to write them down as fast as possible, without thinking about them much, to see what w
  2. Haarlem (NL) is gearing up for Xmas...
  3. Today I wanted to share an interesting snapshot from Bloomberg discussing the cost of a #Tesla Model as a Big Mac index 😎
  4. Reading about the protests in Shanghai this morning and I hope that my students and friends there are safe. This situation with the way Covid and the vaccine has been handled will have to improve rapi
  5. ⛽️ Is there a future for the gas station?

    The demand for #gas will be steadily dropping for the next 30 years and #oil companies have yet to understand what to do with gas stations. You'd think #EV chargers, but why when people will mostly re
  6. Half of my feed seems to be "how to add Post to your home screen" 🐱 #help
  7. On Monday we'll try to answer the question " ⛽️ Is there a future for the gas station? " As of most of these types of question, I suspect you know the answer is probably no .
  8. OK, here's a problem I have with Post on Safari: the page never scroll properly after the few 2-3 posts. Keeps on bouncing back up 🙀
  9. Yes. It’s starting to get cold in the Netherlands.
  10. Oh my, no GIFs. This is really beta 😱
  11. Pretty much my feelings about Post and Twitter at the time.
  12. Biking in winter with a Sphynx cat in Haarlem.
  13. Elon Musk is now going with gold, grey and blue marks? Kinda called this one a few days ago? Next up: proper monetization... Maybe.
  14. I might start a series on how our new office neighbourhood looks like (Haarlem).
  15. The car-as-a-service model might be a wet dream for incumbent #automakers but it just show off how their culture is now lagging behind. Props for trying?The car-as-a-service model might be a wet dream
  16. Is TikTok evil?

    A discussion on why #TikTok is not an evil Chinese Trojan horse, but just what our U.S. and European regulations allow it to be. Andn yes this is sad?
  17. Feeling like a digital migrant... 👋
  18. The cost of the 2022 #WorldCup in Qatar compared to a few 'random' topics from developing the first Covid mRNA vaccine or helping developing countries fight climate change. Just saying...

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