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Dr. Theresa Gilliland FNP PMHNP DNP


Imja Tse 2008 Antarctica 2012 JMT 2014 Camino 2019

Never give Up! Left highschool age 17 & emancipated, Had a daughter age 21, daughter had TBI 1982, single mom age 28, Modesto Jr College, CA age 28, Humboldt State University, CA BSN 1992, Chapman University 1998 MHA, Sonoma State University 1999 FNP, Ex in prison for life 2003, MIZZOU 2019 PMHNP DNP living with my husband Paul x 20 yr avid hiker, rock climber and lover of animals, life, and truth, living in CO, Honor thyself, one another and all is one

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