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Frozen Lake, USA

Ice Angler • Husband/Father •Youth Football and Baseball Coach •Cubs, Bears, and Fighting Illini fan • Sarcasm warranted when needed.

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  1. The GOP January 6 Report

    "It's like blaming the homeowner in a burglary".
  2. Inventing George

    #georgesantos #politics Holy Sheet this story is like a poor mans version of Netflix's Inventing Anna with bigger ramifications. George Santos’s Early Life: Odd Jobs, Bad Debts and Lawsuits
  3. Chicken McNugget Geography

    My Geography Bee son would always find ways to study geography. Aside from the numerous apps out there we included our infrequent fast food (thank goodness) jaunts to practice geography. What state is
  4. Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime

    #jackryan #movies Just watched the first two episodes of the third season of Jack Ryan on Prime Video. Espionage thriller at it's best!
  5. #politics Oh my goodness, Rep. Scott Perry is definitely not the brightest of individuals.
  6. #chicagobears #chicagocubs #fightingillini #illini #icefishing
  7. #AfghanAdjustmentAct More visas for Afghans who helped U.S. included in spending bill
  8. Nice Read!
  9. Excellent Read Thanks!
  10. Just joined. I look forward to "intelligent" discourse. 😎

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