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Front-End Developer. In progress.

Front-end developer student. Previously, I wrote for years for a magazine. I love music and video edition. Doctor Who and Taylor Swift fan.

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  1. 👇THIS!👇
  2. 😋
  3. Twitter smells a bit too musky right now.
  4. Saw her interview in MSNBC today. She has the receipts. Elon is such a fascist fuck
  5. Ozma the very spoiled retired chicken is here to remind everyone that chickens are loveable even after they've stopped laying eggs.
  6. This ChatGPT generated satire nails it. Original post from the bird site below.
  7. Please- stop buying Christmas gifts for your pets. Please. They don't know what a gift is. They don't know what day it is. They don't know who Santa is. But some child in your community does...and the
  8. Death Stranding 2 looks absolutely insane #gamingpost
  9. Hi Post! How are you?
  10. 😍

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