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Donuts are my drug of choice

We don’t just eat when we travel, but we mostly travel between the places we eat. Multum In Parvo.

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  1. I am so happy to see fellow lawyers Teri Kanefield and Mimi Rocah writing about the January 6 blockbuster below tonight. When I found this shocking text (below) a couple days ago, I thought it should b
  2. As President, Trump Ultimately Did Nothing to Stop the North Korean Nuclear Missile Program After Being Warned By His Predecessor in Office, Barack Obama, That It Posed a Greater Threat to U.S. Nation
  3. Here’s a reminder that Kevin McCarthy is currently promising more power to Marjorie Taylor Greene, who was a featured speaker at Nazi Nick Fuentes’s event. It’s not just Trump who has a Nazi problem. It
  4. Allow myself to introduce... myself in the only way I know how. Forcing you to look at photos of my pugs!
  5. My brined, seasoned, injected smoked turkey was much better than MTG’s.

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