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  1. Trump sees himself as the next Adolph Hitler, but using Hispanics instead of Jews. Even as liberal as I am, the boarder is unmanageable at this point. It is time for Biden to use his power to invoke a no immigration zone. This needs to be Mexico using its law enforcement, the US
  2. Can someone answer this Question? Can the US Supreme Court overrule the Supreme Court of Colorado regarding Trump on the Ballot?
  3. What Are Today's Republicans?

    How do we make sense of the Republican Party? Do they fear Democrats more than the 25 % of Republicans which makes up Trump's Base? Trumps base, which is made up of White Supremacists, Neo Nazis, KKK, Militias, Sociopaths, Psychopaths, Qanon, Evangelical White Trash Zealots, and
  4. Prevent A Nazi America in 2024

    Ever feel like when you Post, your talking to yourself? Love Post, but it's safe to assume those using this Social Media are Moderate to Liberal Democrats and some actually Moderate open minded Republicans. I posted a satire about the Trump Base, that actually makes up 25% of the
  5. Satire is the only way to speak about Trumplicans

    It's been two and a half years, but better late than never. Thank you Fanni Willis you are a genius for your using Georgia's RICO law to bring everyone in and down at the same time. It is apparent, most will flip for immunity or reduced sentences. The Trump criminal enterprise is
  6. Living in Missouri (Misery) am forced to turn off the news, everytime they show Hawley the White Supremacist, Nazi, Racist Coward on Television. His Hitler salute and him running out of the Capitol January 6th sticks vividly in my mind. He is a true lowlife without any redeeming
  7. What is wrong with the Democrats not fighting back. PLACE A TV ADVERTISEMENT!!! Republicans keep preaching the deficit. Just put up a big sign!!!!! Deficit before Trump's Tax Cuts Deficit after Trump's Tax Cuts Blame yourselves Deficit when Biden was Vice President Defi
  8. Dreams Come True!!!

    Sometimes dreams do come true! Ever since Trump tried to become Hitler the Second and destroy our democracy, I have thought of Trump in prison for life, and getting punked on a daily basis. The government should have Trump in prison after arraignment without bail, for he is a fli
  9. Proud to be called WOKE. My home is in the Red State of Missouri. We have racists as neighbors. Their beliefs are Bullets, Britches, Bible, and Boots. They are complete Butt Holes. Oh well, not much we can do. Though, we did find T Shirts on the back it said, "Awakened to the ne
  10. Jesus was definitely WOKE!!!!! If he were here Today.

    Proud to be called WOKE. My home is in the Red State of Missouri. We have racists as neighbors. Their beliefs are Bullets, Britches, Bible, and Boots. They are complete Butt Holes. Oh well, not much we can do. Though, we did find T Shirts on the back it said, "Awakened to the ne
  11. Indict, Convict, and Imprison Trump Now!!!!!

    All these charges are nuts against Trump. This is not because the charges against Trump are wrong, but because it is causing additional delays. Trump's only chance to avoid prison is to win the Presidency and pardon himself. Georgia, Michigan or DC need to indict election fraud c
  12. 1933 Germany Nazism looks like 2024 US Trumpism!!!

    It seems that History once again is trying to repeat itself. Hitler and Mussolini both laid out their Fascist Plans to take over. Trump is following the same Blue Print to turn America into a Fascist State. Trump preaches along with his extreme right wing Wacko's, like Crazy Evang
  13. I strongly condemn my brother's deplorable and untruthful remarks last week about Covid being engineered for ethnic targeting. His statements do not represent what I believe or what Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights stand for, with our 50+-year track record of protecting rights and
  14. Reason and logic, wouldn't it be nice if American Republicans new how to use it.
  15. Protect The United States Please

    How incredibly mentally deficient are many Republicans? Trump could care less about you, our nation and humanity. Trump's charges if found guilty on only 50% is basically a life sentence. Trump deserves nothing less. Trump's sole purpose in running for the presidency is his abilit
  16. Most Dysfunctional State in America?

    Missouri is an unusual state, it's called the Show Me State. It should be called the Show Me Insanity State. We keep electing Senators like Hawley the Coward Seditionist and Eric the Brain Dead Schmitt and expect different results. Now you can add Parson the Prick, Missouri's Gov
  17. That's the truth not fake news!
  18. Bring Back Our Independence Day.

    Here we are, getting ready to celebrate the Independence Day of our great nation, as a Fascist Regime led by Trump and Totalitarian Court led by Roberts are trying to undo everything, that has made our nation a roll model of the world. How has hate, racism, religious evangelical f
  19. 12 or 13 Justices on SCOTUS!!!

    How much can we as responsible Americans take? Who thought the Supreme Court would be responsible for destroying and dividing our Great Nation along with Trump. The hand writing was on the wall when Republicans denied Garland a seat on the Court. There is only one way to repair th
  20. Biden Must Protect America Again!

    Let's face the facts we really don't like, but must face the inevitable, Trump vs Biden rematch. In the next 18 months we must shore up and increase Biden poll numbers. We must convince moderate Republicans that they have no choice, but vote Biden. Trumps base of extremist right

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