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Hugh Agnew


History professor, focus on Central/Eastern Europe, nationalism

Washington, DC

Born in Oklahoma, undergrad in Canada, grad school at Stanford, lived in Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic, Singapore, UK, and Austria. At present on the faculty of the Elliott School of International Affairs of the George Washington University. Amateur singer, cook, sourdough baker, and brewer.

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  1. The disarray in US politics & the chaos wrought in our government, a nonfunctioning Congress with no speaker & hundreds of military promotions on hold resulting in inadequate staffing in many critical commands, has invited our enemy’s aggression. MAGA & GOP are complicit!
  2. Nice touch at the end!!
  3. Good read on implications of the drone strikes on Russian air bases deep inside Russian territory.
  4. Can y’all repost this post to let folks know I’m on this dohicky?
  5. Remembering the Holodomor and writing my elected representatives to urge them to ensure the US continues and increases its support for Ukraine against renewed genocide. #slavaukraini #holodomor
  6. A Thanksgiving tradition in the family (est. 2020) Pumpkin sourdough bread. It's fund to see it take shape like this!
  7. Happy Thanksgiving all us Posties This Schlumbergera always blooms just in time for Thanksgiving instead of like the others around Christmas time.
  8. Thanks

    As a native of Oklahoma, whose father began the process of editing Will Rogers's papers at Oklahoma State University, I appreciate seeing this.
  9. Meet Isabella (aka "Pretty Kitty")

    Guess I'm swimming against the current here, but as an alternative to all the lovely pictures of dogs (and the chicken and rabbit!), here's one of my favorites of our semi-feral cat, Isabella. She's a
  10. Loathsome creature she is indeed.

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