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First Am lawyer, Ph.D. Chinese Literature, married to a journalist, cool pup is Ella, do not impose your religion on me. 🖖🏼

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  1. This is a terrifically eloquent, sweeping summation by @jamesfallows of Carter as a candidate and a president and the time in which he served in office.
  2. Nikki Haley sells out women and people of color so she doesn’t get to come to our meetings or receive any South Asian discounts. #VoteBlue
  3. Wonder if the Fox internal communications will make the MAGA viewers wake up, even a bit. That would be good. Or perhaps they won’t even hear about it.
  4. Late Valentine from Ella. #dogs
  5. The former guy is such a loser but he’s left his ugly mark on this country like a toxic film of Cheeto dust.
  6. Just hearing the Speaker news. If you’ve been in a coma since 2016, not sure if it’s okay to wake up yet. But we’ve now got Biden, the Dem Senate and Hakeem Jeffries to fight for US. Oh yeah, and Jack
  7. CHENEY: Perhaps the most shameful finding of this committee is that president trump sat in the dining room watching the violent riot on television. For hours he would not issue a statement telling the
  8. Hell of an opening statement by Liz Cheney.
  9. Here for the Jan. 6 Committee hearing. What a tremendous job they have done for our nation and the rule of law.
  10. The NYT does a basic background investigation on Rep-elect George Santos, R from Long Island, and nothing checks out. Yet there’s big money flow. Where was the oppo research before the election??
  11. I love the smell of criminal referrals in the morning. Thank you Jan. 6 Committee.
  12. "I'm afraid we can't provide the social media platform you're looking for. But I understand you can get it for a bargain at @?"
  13. You may think I’m spending time after knee replacement surgery in a painkiller doze, yes, that’s partly true. But I’m also finally learning the lyrics to “Marian the Librarian.” Time well spent. 🎵
  14. Lucy x Lucy 😌
  15. Having knee replacement surgery tomorrow. 😬 Welcome books/streaming recommendations during recovery. Loved Andor, started new season of the Crown. Also watching His Dark Materials. So far plan to rea
  16. Got Ella a soft blanket for Christmas. She lovezzzz it! 😴🐶❤️🎄🎁
  17. Ella, all clean, with the groomer’s kerchief. Santa, she’s definitely in the Nice category. 😊🐶❤️🎄🎁
  18. A rebellion against mysticism and dogma? What’s not to love about that? Watching #HisDarkMaterials on HBO. Love the cast. Beautifully done. They have to explain a lot quickly, but the story is worth i
  19. “Explore Feed” Find of the Day
  20. Cold early morning. Hudson River a gorgeous blue. Moon still up, thrilled at its recent closeups by the Orion spacecraft. Such a diva. #dogwalk

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