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Software engineer. Aikidoka. Tuba player. Naturalized Coloradan. No, really.

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  1. Good for him for checking himself in and for being open about it. Openness saves lives. Shame and secrecy kill.
  2. Friends, in case you didn’t know I am writing a cookbook on Afghan Cuisine and we have reached our first goal on Kickstarter. On our Kickstarter link up there, you can watch our trailer to learn about our mission. Only 6 days left! If we can raise another $10 we plan to: Publish in m
  3. #Foodbank #tips : 1. Everyone donates Kraft Mac and Cheese in the box. They can rarely use it because it needs milk and butter which is hard to get from regular food banks. 2. Boxed milk is a treasure,
  4. A book village. ❤️
  5. A song that deserves a larger audience.

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