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Unapologetic progressive. USN and Deep State alum. Rescued Weimarner and arn cat herder. Long-suffering Cleveland sports fan.

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  1. Wait? Tucker Carlson really is worked into a lather over M&M marketing depictions ? Your right wing spokesperson, ladies and gentlemen...
  2. ...this from the DoD. We are living in a Heinlein novel!
  3. January morning in Woodbine, Maryland
  4. January sunset, central Maryland
  5. Image test 2: the dog's turn. Charming!
  6. When the cat gets "airplane ears".... You might want to find someplace else to sit. Mostly this is testing image posting. But that's a damned adorable cat, right?
  7. Decorated Veteran

    A letter writer to my my local newspaper worried in a January 2021 letter about the apparent lack of concern for the “military veteran” killed during the January 6th attack on the capitol because “she
  8. Crenshaw and Cotton: Masters of Pandering and Performance

    Adapted from an earlier version on another platform. If you think either Dan Crenshaw or Tom Cotton have serious governance in mind: you might want to skip what follows. When it comes to whistleblowing
  9. Wordle in five. What's not to like ? (Not really bragging...just testing an image post)

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