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Librarian, Archivist, Historian, Traveler, Embroiderer, History Geek, Genealogist. Tweets are my own.

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  1. Did we buy our house partially because it had a working fireplace??? Maybe...also, GO BRUINS!
  2. Quebec City

    There is something nice about being in a cold weather place and it being the right temperature. Quebec City is lovely. Wish it didn't take 6 hours each way to travel, but there wasn't a better way to
  3. In just a few days, we will be going on our first out of country trip since 2019 to Quebec City. We had been planning on going to Barcelona in Feb 2020, but I'm rather happy we had to cancel that trip
  4. Derby Wharf Light Station

    Many of you probably associate the National Park Service with states in the west or incredible nature. However, Salem Maritime National Historic Site (SAMA) in Massachusetts became the US's first Nati
  5. Spent a fair amount of my afternoon helping people figure out how to navigate our printing system, talking about book challenges, getting rid of malware, and favorite thing to do: falling in
  6. Since this is more of a blogging site, I figure I might as well embrace it and restart some of my research into some of Boston's historical figures. Before I left the National Park Service, I was work
  7. While for some people, December 7 is just another hits a little differently for me after working in the Charlestown Navy Yard for over 15 years. Over the years, I've had the honor of meeting 6
  8. Just checking around to see what this place is all about. Twitter feels so fractured with people leaving and going silent and with others scattering over to various platforms. Need to figure out which

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