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20 years leading turnarounds, transforming businesses, building teams, empowering people, unleashing potential and sustaining a relentless focus on execution. I co-founded Leaders on Demand in 2018. Leaders on Demand has got the backs of executive teams when their performance is paramount. Our customers deliver better outcomes at the right pace with reduced risk.

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  1. Economist: USA taxpayers risk propping up zombie banks

    When a business asks its stakeholders to intervene to provide stability, you would expect a credible business plan backed by the leadership team to be the foundation the funding solution is built on… in this case taxpayers may have inadvertently kicked the can down the road… “…ev
  2. Breaking: HMS Queen Elizabeth deployed to Arctic Circle on secret mission
  3. Fortunately links to alternative social media platforms are permitted here…
  4. Goncharov : the best gangster film never made
  5. Musk feuds with Apple over Twitter advertising
  6. China Xinjiang : Urumqi rocked by Covid lockdown protests after deadly fire
  7. Europe faces an enduring crisis of energy and geopolitics from TheEconomist
  8. Hello - this is exciting… I look forward to learning new things and understanding different perspectives.

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