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Feline only veterinarian

Cat doctor, business owner, news junkie, ADHD success story. I post cute animals pictures, some borrowed and some mine, write about topics such as Animal (mostly cat) Health, my journey with ADHD with a late in life diagnosis, rare diseases, of which I have a few, my journey from couch potato to exercise, menopause, with a few jokes and political commentary mixed in for Sh*ts and Giggles.

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  1. Sphonx #cats #sphinx
  2. I did not do this. This is what he looks like normally.
  3. Settle an argument: positive or negative?
  4. I mean, look at that face. Fuzzy wuzzy cold blooded murderer.
  5. Well f$@cky f$@ck, after almost 4 years I finally tested positive for COVID, thanks to my husband going to watch his friend’s band last week. He also may have infected his father who had severe COPD and is on oxygen. He is so in the dog house right now. I wear masks religiously
  6. Hanging out.
  7. Luna and her crossed eyes
  8. For that special ass in your life.
  9. Getting these two brothers to both look at the camera at the same time was a foolhardy task. #CatsOfPost
  10. It’s baby kitty Friday! There will be more to come… #CatsOfPost
  11. This little old lady purrs and makes biscuits through her monthly vet visits.
  12. Happy #Caturday !
  13. #WaterWednesday Togus Pond, Augusta Maine
  14. Camo toe

    Sliced my toe open on my shower door track this morning. Thank goodness I have great access to cool bandaging supplies. Bandaids were not enough to stop the bleeding.
  15. Happy #Caturday to this sweet little ginger girl!
  16. Kitty porn. Nice. #Caturday #catsofpost
  17. A Word About Supplements

    I get asked at least once a day about supplements. Often owners have already started their cat on some supplement that a friend recommended, or that they read about on the internet, or that the guy at the feed store recommended. Owners seem to want to give their pets supplements
  18. Spent the day with goats. What happy creatures they are! Totally worth the couple of holes nibbled in my clothes.

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