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Runner of miles, writer of words, finder of joy.

Ultra and marathon runner, running coach and Chief Running Officer of Also deputy director of Media and Communications for The American Legion.

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  1. Janji-Oiselle merger

    Not a lot of details in the Janji-Oiselle merger. Appears that they plan to operate individually but my guess is they consolidate some shared operations. Like production, shipping, etc. Just a guess.
  2. How much protein is recommended for runners? What's the best way to get protein on a plant-based or vegan diet? A guide to protein for runners. 7 questions about protein answered #runchat #runner
  3. Finding mental wellness with Bigger Than the Trail

    “You're never alone. Even though it feels like it and it feels like you're the only one struggling with this issue, you're not. And ... it's not going to last forever.” — Kim Levinsky, #ultrarunner and Bigger Than The Trail ambassador. She found help through Team BTTT and now gi
  4. This reminds me: Happy Birthday Charles Darwin. Pro-gun lawyer shot dead by own gun after powerful MRI scanner magnet rips weapon from belt
  5. The future of local news

    Projects that focus on giving audiences information they need to make the places they live better are the focus of a new report. It calls on local journalism’s would-be saviors to focus their energy and funding on collaborative efforts, startups and community groups — not on lega
  6. The benefits of trail running

    What are the benefits of running on trails compared to roads? Runners can boost fitness, performance and wellness with regular trail runs. Read more
  7. Wearing my new @hoka Transports and loving them! Great option for wearing to work, while doing errands and more. #timetowalk #hoka
  8. Strength training, running and nutrition

    #Runners know the importance of strength training, but still have questions about how to optimize it. Shannon O'Grady of @GnarlyNutrition offers advice on protein timing, using creatine and more in this new Q&A. Check it out! Learn more about nutrition and training
  9. Nutrition for runners in strength training

    Thanks to Shannon O'Grady of Gnarly Nutrition for all the knowledge about nutrition and strength training for athletes, primarily runners. Check out her great tips in this story, which wraps up my four-part series on Strength Training for Runners. Read more
  10. A guide to strength training for women runners

    Strength training is important for women runners. I appreciate my first running coach, Angie Spencer, answering some questions about why strength training is crucial for women runners, counters some misperceptions and offers specific exercises to try. Strength training tips for w
  11. Lupus can't slow her down

    Elite ultra runner Devin Yanko rebounded quickly from a setback when her lupus knocked her out of the Hennepin Hundred last October. A month later, she won the Javelina Jundred for the second time. Her time of 14:36:10 set a new master’s women’s course record and improved upon he
  12. 6 easy miles with more flurries adding to yesterday’s 3 inches. While summer is when blisters are more likely, they can occur in winter too. That’s why I use Squirrel’s Nut Butter to protect my feet fr
  13. With apologies to REO Speedwagon, Runnin’ the Storm Out

    8 miles as the storm moved in. Get the work done and then some post-run recovery with carbs. Love me some #glutenfree @HoneyStinger waffles. #runchat #keepshowingup #wafflewednesday #wednesdaywisdom
  14. Keep showing up

    8.6 miles with a smattering of hills. Active early start to the day with a core workout and warmup bike ride. Gotta #keepshowingup, enjoying the process and taking time to #findjoy. #runchat #marathont
  15. Training tips for masters athletes

    Here are ways that masters runners can use strength training to improve their fitness, prevent injuries and recover more quickly. Thanks to @mikewardian for the knowledge! Last more #runchat #runner #keepshowingup
  16. Early, easy, snowy

    8ish miles in the newly fallen snow. A peaceful run, time to process some things, #dreambig about running and #findjoy. Have an amazing rest of your weekend friends. #runchat #keepshowingup #marathont
  17. Race calendar, updated

    Jan. 7: Night Owl Trail Marathon, Ohio. 8th overall April 22: Blue Ridge Marathon, Va. July 29: Burning River 100 miles, Ohio Oct. 7: Hennepin Hundred, 50K, Illinois.
  18. Marathon training

    Longest run post trail marathon, 5+ early miles. Feeling good and ready for next challenge. And that would be the @RunBlueRidge #marathon. Here we go! #runchat #keepshowingup #marathontraining #findjoy
  19. Strength training is recommended for runners. But often they don't know where to begin or have concerns about getting too beefy. I've launched a four-part series, featuring expert Jason Fitzgerald , whi
  20. How trail and #ultrarunners can learn from others. Love this! via @iRunFar #ultrarunning #runnerswhowrite

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