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  1. Trump is gonna “turn himself in” with the secret service walking him to a car with his hands behind his back and no handcuff just for the photo. Isn’t he?
  2. Salad is just deconstructed soup.
  3. Amazing that Hollywood finally caught onto the whole “Nepobaby” thing because it’s been an open secret in Bollywood since the beginning.
  4. I’m sure Jared just needed some tech support. Nothing nefarious at all. You know, regular ol’ dude stuff bro.
  5. Seeing a whole new group of Beta Posters flocking in like “Hi! Welcome to the party! If you see a lamp in the toilet please ask @noam if it’s supposed to be there. Enjo
  6. I’m actually thankful for how Post formats it’s content. I will never have to see 🧵 01/4729^5 ever again! /01
  7. Here’s the obligatory picture of my dogs.
  8. The worst candy flavor IMO
  9. It’s a bit dramatic to call yourself a “Twitter refugee”. Yes, you’re fleeing a wasteland run by a tyrannical billionaire. But it’s nothing like what real refugees have to go through. I prefer the ter
  10. The first post is always the first post.

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