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  1. Simply put: schadenfreude
  2. Short rant. Southwest Air has cancelled ~70% of its flights in an epic meltdown this holiday season. Remember, Southwest took $3.7B in federal aid from 2020-21. It’s CEO got a pay raise to a $9.1M packa
  3. This all day, every day
  4. She doesn’t play
  5. Stand up!
  6. #NeverForget #EndGunViolence Until we can pin a post to our profile. I am re-posting this periodically to make sure it is never forgotten. It is just incomprehensible that out of nearly 400 law enfor
  7. Legend honoring legend. 👑👑 #GladysKnight #PattiLaBelle #Music #KennedyCenterHonors #BlackPost
  8. On this day in Black History, healer, midwife and nurse, Elizabeth Freeman , died in 1829. Also known as “Bet” or “Mumbet,” Freeman (along with Brom, who was owned by the same family) were the first en
  9. #StarkBeauty
  10. Sending healing wishes to a remarkable individual
  11. Masks offering more protection than originally thought for transmission of colds, flus & COVID. Anyone in cold weather areas take heed and put that sweater on your nose 😂
  12. #HereWeGo
  13. Even though the #Steelers will most likely get schellacked by the Ravens this Sunday so excited to go! Keeping hope alive that we can pull out a W - anything can happen in a divisional game (but proba
  14. I… um… whew! #Warnock
  15. Introducing Roxie & Fletcher to #CatsOfPost They’re delighted to be here.
  16. Happy to see some familiar faces on here and looking forward to discovering new ones!
  17. A sad day for many of us. A truly gentle soul. RIP, Bob.

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